Bullying may be characterised as intimidating, offensive, malicious or insulting behaviour. It may be by an individual against an individual or by groups of people.

Examples of bullying/ harassing behaviour include:
  • spreading malicious rumours, or insulting someone by word or behaviour;
  • exclusion or victimisation;
  • unfair treatment;
  • overbearing supervision or other misuse of power or position;
  • unwelcome sexual advances (touching, asking for sexual favours, making decisions on the basis of sexual advances being accepted or rejected);
  • making threats or comments about job security without foundation;
  • deliberately undermining a competent worker by overloading and constant criticism;
  • preventing individuals progressing by intentionally blocking promotion or training opportunities.
KpH Code of Ethics Policy states that every employee of KpH should:
  • treat everyone with dignity and respect;
  • treat the company‚Äôs assets and equipment as you would your own;
  • operate within the letter and the spirit of law, exercising power and influence responsibly.

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