CCS Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate Awarded at 66 Shoe Lane

KpH Deconstruction are proud to announce that we have been awarded Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate from the Considerate Constructor’s Scheme (CCS) for our site at 66 Shoe Lane.

Programmed over a 15 week period, acting in the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH are undertaking the Strip-Out and Enabling project at 66 Shoe Lane in London, working with Quantum Consulting on behalf of our client, Endurance Land. The site is a vacant 10-storey building, covering 15,000 m². The works comprise of the Strip Out of all floors back to core; including the removal of Generators in the Basement, Roof Top Plant and Atrium Glazing.

We regularly register our sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme to test that our systems and processes are performing to a high standard, and that we are growing our understanding of the innovations and advances in the industry. We are not content to just meet compliance levels, we want to go beyond it and strive for excellence.

We achieved Performance Beyond Compliance for our approach to key areas within our business, some of these areas of recognition are highlighted below.

Respect for the Community

KpH’s priority for this site is to ensure minimal disruption to the local community and active businesses on the Ground Floor. The auditor was particularly impressed by the fact that we introduced ourselves to the businesses affected prior to works commencing and passed on our contact details.  We are also giving back to local business by encouraging workers to use their services. We were marked as excellent in this category.

Protect the Environment

The auditor was pleased with our performance and highlighted the following key areas which he considered to be exceptional: we have recycled 100% of our demolition waste from site; we are eliminating the use of plastic cups and other non-recyclable plastics; our workforce are well informed of our Environmental objectives and are encouraged to engage with our campaigns and we monitor our carbon footprint.

Securing Everyone’s Safety

We scored an impressive 9 out of 9 in this category.  Our safety standards were marked as “exceptional” by the auditor, which we believe evidences our level of commitment to Health and Safety.  We achieved this outstanding score for a multitude of reasons; such as the ample number of First Aiders on site, our regularly updated safety plans and twice weekly safety inspections.  We also implement initiatives to ensure continued safety improvements. These include safety Toolbox Talks, with topics such as Manual Handling, Slips, Trips and Falls.

We really value the feedback we received from the CCS auditor and will be using his report and advice to take our ideas and standards to the next level over the coming year.

To read more about the Considerate Constructors Scheme, please visit their website:

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