KpH Deconstruction Launch New Innovation “Speaking Posters”

KpH Deconstruction have launched their latest safety innovation which we have nicknamed, “Speaking Posters” on our Sites! We are also trialling Safety Audio/Announcement Speakers in key areas around our Site at Bishopsgate.

We recognise the importance of effective communication for maintaining safety and order on site.

A large percentage of our workforce do not speak or read English as their first language, therefore much of our critical safety and well-being information is translated into the appropriate languages and displayed as posters in relevant working areas. However, we appreciate that, with so much to take-in, people sometimes become “poster blind” and fail to engage with the material displayed.

We have therefore come up with the concept of “Speaking Posters”, which we recently launched on site.

This innovation has been nominated for ‘Product Innovation of the Year‘ and ‘Technological Innovation of the Year‘ at the London Construction Awards taking place in November 2019. Wish us luck!

What is a Speaking Poster?

We have added a QR Code to safety-critical signage that, when scanned, connects the user to an audio translation of the information in multiple languages. In some cases, the QR Code also links to a web page for further information or training purposes.

We have included English language options so that those wishing to improve their understanding of the language, even those English-born members of the team who struggle with reading and writing, can develop their knowledge and skill set in this area.

What is our Audio / Announcement Speaker Used For?

In support of the “Speaking Posters”, we have also introduced an Audio/ Announcement Speaker which gives instructions in multiple languages to Operatives when they trigger the PIR Sensor (by entering a live working area). At the moment we are experimenting with the effectiveness of instructions in English and Romanian for purposes such as:

  • conveying safety instructions specific to that working area;
  • a reminder to Operatives to wear the correct Five Point PPE;
  • a warning of particular hazards in the area they are entering.

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