KpH Group Renew Achilles BuildingConfidence Accreditation

KpH Group are proud to announce that we have successfully renewed our Achilles BuildingConfidence accreditation for the fourth year running!

This year our “Positive Elements” (commendations) from the Auditor include:

  • Providing supervisory staff with appropriate allocated time to complete paperwork; which was found to have been carried out to a very high standard of accuracy and legibility.
  • Innovative use of QR codes on site posters, for enabling non-English speaking/reading personnel to obtain a translation of the information displayed.
  • Supplementing site posters with a ‘tannoy’ speaker system, linked to movement sensors, that provide informative ‘reminders’ to Operatives about safety precautions as they pass into hazardous areas of the site.

Achilles provide a robust pre-qualification, compliance and audit process designed to meet the needs of their client’s high supply chain management standards in, but not limited to, the building and construction sector.

By retaining our Achilles accreditation for another year, KpH Group can demonstrate our consistency of standards and continued compliance with the legislation relating to health, safety, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and labour management.

For more information on the Achilles BuildingConfidence accreditation, please visit their website:

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