Performance Beyond Compliance Awarded at 10 Devonshire Square

KpH Deconstruction are proud to announce that we have successfully been awarded with a Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate by the Considerate Constructors Scheme following an audit of our services at 10 Devonshire Square in London.

Over a 16 week period, acting in the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH Deconstruction undertook strip-out and enabling works at 10 Devonshire Square in London working on behalf of our client Blackstones Property Management.

Scope of Works

Our soft-strip works back to core spanned across all 8 floors (Lower Ground to Floor 6, including the Plant Room and investigation and validation of services on the Roof). We arranged for the removal of all fixtures and fittings, ceilings, floors, plasterboard partitions, doors, redundant M&E service, riser walls and non-licensable and non-notifiable asbestos. We also installed scaffolding (for removal of light strip-out waste) and temporary hoarding (to enable for the removal of asbestos and heavy waste through the public domain).

Considerate Contractors Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate

This project was registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and, as such, was subject to an audit to ensure compliance. Performance Beyond Compliance was achieved in recognition of our companies approach to key areas within our business, a few of which have been highlighted below.


A score of 9 was achieved in the category called “Respect the Community”, which shows a level of commitment which far surpasses expectations for an SME organisation such as ourselves. The auditor was extremely impressed with the ingenuity of our team in designing a scaffold construction within a confined space which allowed large volumes of waste to be removed without causing excessive disruption to the neighbouring tenants.

Dust Suppression

To help minimise the nuisance of dust from disturbing the restaurants and members of the public (that were active all the way around the building), we had an industrial water cannon installed to dampen down the particles. In addition, the waste was sent down two chutes into the back of 40 yard containers, completely enclosed in a curtain system that could be lowered and raised within minutes to protect passers-by from dust and debris.

An extensive cleaning regime was employed to ensure all live operating systems were kept clean and free of dust. This involved additional dust management techniques such as aircubes and fans to direct fresh air through the building.

Noise Reduction

Echo Barriers were used to help reduce the noise levels from skip lorries being loaded from the scaffolding gantry. We took care to monitor our noise levels and carried out weekly readings on site, in the immediate vicinity of the building and, in some cases, within the neighbouring premises.

When undertaking noisier works to the Ground Floor, which shared a slab with the adjoining restaurant, we worked with the restaurant Managers to schedule our works outside of their opening times.

Neighbour Liaison

KpH liaised daily with the active restaurants and shops on the Ground Floor to mitigate any issues that could arise from our works. In some instances, to prevent any disturbance to business trading hours, we carried out our investigations, validations and enabling works out of hours. This was particularly challenging because some of the shops were open from 8am – 6pm and some restaurants were open from 12 midday – 12 midnight. We also had to divert electrical feeds and mechanical systems, and isolate and re-integrate fire alarms for four different concessions, in order to achieve this.


Please see the Summary of our report and scores at the following link:
Considerate Constructors Scoring Summary 10 Devonshire Square 15-09-2017.pdf

For more information about the Considerate Contractors Scheme please visit their website:

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