Spotlight on Workers Fatigue

KpH Deconstruction have started a “Spotlight on Fatigue” Campaign to alert our Operatives to the dangers of fatigue and prevent them from falling victim to them.

We recognise that, due to the nature of working conditions, shift patterns and activities associated with the Construction Industry, our Operatives are at much greater risk of fatigue than most workers.

Fatigue is an often-overlooked hazard in the workplace. It can have a serious impact on the physical and cognitive capacities of an individual.

On our Strip Out and Enabling sites, failure to respond and react quickly to an incidents, or changes in the environment, can be detrimental to Operative’s safety. This could result in errors, near misses, injuries and even death. It is therefore imperative for our personnel to be aware and able to recognise the dangers associated with fatigue, its cause and how to prevent it.

Our Spotlight on Fatigue Campaign will aim to roll-out Toolbox Talks, site signage and prevention advice to all our staff over the coming months.

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